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Elect the candidate that supports your values.

  • God-given Rights—Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • The Constitution
  • 2nd Amendment
  • Smaller government with more individual rights
  • Local government to serve local community not rule over it


Daron Culbertson is the conservative Republican candidate running for Lee District Supervisor

Born and raised in Southern Fauquier, Daron wants to help facilitate a more balanced Fauquier for Lee District residents by:

  • Identifying the right options for positive growth to support local small business and create more jobs in the county. Promote a variety of projects & jobs. Utilize existing commercial properties for new business opportunities.
  • Support our Schools by focusing on quality school systems and advocating for parental rights. 
  • Maintaining rural integrity by prioritizing agricultural land & open space. He wants to help provide landowners with more options & rights, while being strategic & minimal in development.
  • Creating quality community living with emphasis on community safety and by cultivating more arts & athletic opportunities for youth. 

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